“A Friend Indeed” – Dystonia, Social isolation, & Friendship (By Tom Seaman)

(Special thanks to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation for permission to post this – and for the PDF!)

From “Dystonia Dialogue” Winter 2015 Edition
Written by Tom Seaman, Author of “Diagnosis Dystonia


Special thanks to the DBSA


The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) (national headquarters) were kind enough to post my story on their main page. Because of that exposure, my story picked up a lot of traction. Thanks so much, DBSA!

Conference on Mental Health and the Church

Please consider helping us offset the $1500+ that we are spending to send me to this conference. It isn’t in our budget, but we feel that it is an important step to take as I enter the next phase of my ministry. Any little bit helps!



Mental Health & The Church

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I just found out about this event today. After talking it over with Monica, we decided I needed to attend. I used to travel the country conducting seminars and speaking at events on the topic of using media in the church. My book, “Media Ministry Made Easy”, and my website, ChurchMedia.net, were the go-to resources for many churches from 1999 to 2008 (I previously served as Media Minister under Lance Witt in Las Cruces, NM). During these years I was struggling with health issues, including Dystonia and the loss of my left hip at age 31. The physical burdens, along with the stress of “success”, and a myriad of medications quickly led to mental health issues. There were multiple suicide attempts, self-harm and hospitalizations. In 2008, I sold my business/ministry and asked my publisher to take my book out of print. Things went even more downhill from there. To make a long story short, I “re-entered” life and conquered opiate dependency after a serious breakdown in 2013. I still struggle with occasional depression, but I am making progress in that area.

I have felt (even during those dark years) that God’s next step for me is to put my speaking, writing and media presentation talents into health awareness for churches. I’m interested in addressing the needs and lifting the stigma in the areas of both physical and mental health. It is my hope that this conference will help me in my efforts to be an instrument for God in helping the church understand the need for more ministry in this area. With only my wife working right now, this is a financial stretch for us, but I’m confident that it will pay off. Please pray that God opens up my eyes, ears, and heart to learn all He will be teaching me during these days.  This is my first time traveling solo since 2008, so it’s a big step. I’m looking forward to it.


“EveryDayResolution” (1994)

I’ve written a song for pretty much every holiday on the American calendar. One year New Year’s Day fell on a weekend and I wrote a special song about New Year’s resolutions. I really like the way the verses flow. This was written in 1994 or 1995 — most likely 1994. I didn’t record it until the 1999 release of “Leap of Faith”. I tried a new “breathy” sound with my voice. This version is missing a bunch of overlapping voices during the percussion bridge. They were me in different voices saying ridiculous resolutions that people never keep. Feel free to listen online or download ~ and make getting closer to Jesus an EveryDayResolution. Enjoy!

Listen Online:

Download “EveryDayResolution”

Verse 1

I can’t believe it! Another year gone by.
It went by so fast, in a blink of an eye.
So many things undone, unfinished plans.
Last year’s resolutions all got out of hand.


We resolve to get close to Jesus,
And pray to draw us near.
We need to make that resolution,
More than once a year.

It’s an everydayresolution.
I’m working on my crown.
It’s an everydayresolution.
No more messin’ around, starting right now.

Verse 2

When the New Year’s over, we take down the Christmas tree.
Get ready for real life again and get back to routine.
Decisions that we made, we try to keep.
But most of the goals we had don’t last more than a week.


We still need to get close to Jesus,
Hear what He has to say.
We need to make that resolution,
Each and every day.

It’s an everydayresolution.
I’m working on my crown.
It’s an everydayresolution.
No more messin’ around.

It’s an everydayresolution.
I’ll take it day by day.
It’s an everydayresolution.
Jesus will help me all the way.


“Children of Light” (1995)

Song Information

1 Thessalonians 5:5a ~ “For you are all children of light, children of the day.”

I wrote this circa April 1995. I composed it on a Roland JV-50 with Cakewalk software. It was released on my 1999 CD, “Leap of Faith”. This song has a very poppy feel and I sing some of the highest notes in my entire repertoire. The entire first and second verses and the first chorus is referring to Monica. We were dating exclusively at the time. When I introduced the song at Calvary Baptist Church (Las Cruces) that weekend, many of our friends thought I was going to propose to Monica on stage. I didn’t propose for another couple of months. Every word I wrote about her then still applies today. Enjoy!

 “Children of Light”

Verse 1

When you walk into a room,
You light up the whole place with an energy.
You shine just like a star,
The smile on your face when you look at me.


Verse 2

And it’s all because of Who’s you are,
Your love for Christ, the filling of His Spirit.
And it’s more than just a game you play from day to day,
I’ve seen your walk, It’s more than talk, you live it.


Chorus 1

Everyone sees Christ’s love in you,
Magnified by all the things that you do.
Like a star shining clear and bright,
Everyone knows you are a child of light.

Verse 3

Calling out to all who call Him Lord,
Time to come together as His children.
Time for all to shine in one accord.
Talk the talk. Walk the walk. Let’s live it.


Chorus 2

Everyone sees Christ’s love in you,
Magnified by all the things that you do.
Like stars shining clear and bright,
Everyone knows you are a children of….

Everyone sees Christ’s love in you,
Magnified by all the things that you do.
Like stars shining clear and bright,
Everyone knows you are a children of light!

Note: This recording is a little noisy. I’ll update it with a better version soon.

Listen to “Children of Light” Now

Download “Children of Light”