“Children of Light” (1995)

Song Information

1 Thessalonians 5:5a ~ “For you are all children of light, children of the day.”

I wrote this circa April 1995. I composed it on a Roland JV-50 with Cakewalk software. It was released on my 1999 CD, “Leap of Faith”. This song has a very poppy feel and I sing some of the highest notes in my entire repertoire. The entire first and second verses and the first chorus is referring to Monica. We were dating exclusively at the time. When I introduced the song at Calvary Baptist Church (Las Cruces) that weekend, many of our friends thought I was going to propose to Monica on stage. I didn’t propose for another couple of months. Every word I wrote about her then still applies today. Enjoy!

 “Children of Light”

Verse 1

When you walk into a room,
You light up the whole place with an energy.
You shine just like a star,
The smile on your face when you look at me.


Verse 2

And it’s all because of Who’s you are,
Your love for Christ, the filling of His Spirit.
And it’s more than just a game you play from day to day,
I’ve seen your walk, It’s more than talk, you live it.


Chorus 1

Everyone sees Christ’s love in you,
Magnified by all the things that you do.
Like a star shining clear and bright,
Everyone knows you are a child of light.

Verse 3

Calling out to all who call Him Lord,
Time to come together as His children.
Time for all to shine in one accord.
Talk the talk. Walk the walk. Let’s live it.


Chorus 2

Everyone sees Christ’s love in you,
Magnified by all the things that you do.
Like stars shining clear and bright,
Everyone knows you are a children of….

Everyone sees Christ’s love in you,
Magnified by all the things that you do.
Like stars shining clear and bright,
Everyone knows you are a children of light!

Note: This recording is a little noisy. I’ll update it with a better version soon.

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“Years” (1995)

Song Information

This is definitely the best instrumental I’ve ever written; possibly the best song I’ve ever written. It was composed in October of 1995 on a Roland JV-50 with Cakewalk software. Each movement/theme crosses over into each other, with Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” thrown in a few times.

I named it “Years” because I knew that the vows that Monica and I were making were a lifetime commitment. The song represents stages of life and the many years that we would spend together. It means more and more with each passing year that we are together. I released the song on my 1999 and final CD, “Leap of Faith”.

Here is a description of our 6 minute, 16 person processional:


First Movement: “The Groom and the Groomsmen”

After the intro music, myself and the groomsmen walked down the isle. This included my best man and brother, David, my life-long friend Jay Cline, and my brother-in-law Lupe Cuellar. I think my Dad, who performed the ceremony, walked down with us as well. I was going for a calm, but somewhat percussive feel for the men’s theme.

Second Movement: “The Kid’s Theme”

We wanted lots of kids in our wedding, so rather than just a flower girl and a ring-bearer we paired up a niece or nephew with each Bridesmaid and Groomsman. This included ring-bearer and my nephew Joshua Cuellar, nephews Michael Cuellar, Matthew Cuellar and Cameron Devine. Our flower girls were nieces Tabitha Eason (Norvell), Amber Devine and Stephanie Cuellar (Butler). The kid’s theme is playful and fun. I love the pan-flute sound and timpanis.

Third Movement: “The Bridesmaids”

Transitioning into a more mellow theme, our Bridesmaids were Tammie, Brenda and Sharla. Monica’s lifelong friend, Tammie, was the Matron of Honor. I tried to give this movement a little more elegance and it mixes itself with the groomsmen theme to connect the two together.

Fourth Movement: “Monica’s Theme”

The beginning of this movement slowly builds and foreshadows the bride’s entrance with a simple “Here Comes the Bride” horn. Then to let people know to stand for Monica’s grand entrance (complete with smoke and beams of light behind her) I added a blast of horns playing her theme and then slowed it all down for her walk down the aisle. Her Dad, Gene, escorted her down the aisle and gave her away. I used lots of bells went for an ethereal feel for Monica’s theme ~ like she was floating down the aisle. By the time she reached the front and the piece ends, I added back in a bit of each of the other movements and ended with a couple Wagner’s famous perfect fourths.

This song was used in another wedding. Someone had heard about it and contacted me at the music store I was working at. I was paid $10 for them to use it. 🙂 I’d love for more people to enjoy it, so be sure to let me know if it shows up in anyone else’s wedding.

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